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Moulds for injection of plastics:

  • Moulds for model railway in size TT and HO in high exactness and with very genle details

  • Moulds for car models with all components

  • Moulds for technical mouldings of different complexity and exigence

  • Moulds for mouldings that are exacting to appearance, mouldings with highly polished areas and technically exacting design

  • We are able to produce these moulds up to 500 kgs. Our production is mainly of smaller moulds because we are determined by our machine fleet. Next we offer moulding in our injection plant for our customers. It is possible to produce small mouldings by moulding into an inset in our multipurpose frame or into small moulds to Baby Plast mould.

Moulds for pressure casting of zinc

  • Moulds for casting appliance Frech of high exigence up to max. 500 kgs

  • Inset moulds (insert moulds) for dynamic casting of zinc to Techmire mould

Moulds for injection of ceramics

There are high requirements for used materials and highly polished areas.

Moulds for injection of thermosets

  • Moulds for injection intrude

  • Moulds for thermosets produced by injection

Other products

  • Various fixturing and tools

  • Smaller cutting tools

  • Special diameters and test gear

  • Custom cooperation

  • Laser micro welding (surfacing deposition) Our company will provide a new service from August 2010. Laser Mobile Station LRS 120 W is used for gentle welding without the warming of original material so it does not affect its proportions and hardness. Laser welding is suitable for the edges and surfaces of parts of forms, shear edges of pressing tools etc.